Middletown Riverfront Development Master Plan

Middletown Riverfront Development Master Plan


Cooper Robertson led the development of the comprehensive master plan for Middletown’s future Riverfront Development in collaboration with Karp Strategies and Langan.

Just along the City’s vibrant and historic downtown, roughly 200 acres of land along the Connecticut River is being reconsidered as a lively new district with extensive, storm-resilient open spaces and a broad mix of uses informed by community input – after decades cut off from public use by highways, industrial areas, and the city’s municipal wastewater plant.

Stakeholder involvement and community engagement were placed at the center of the design process to develop a physical vision for realizing the potential of Middletown’s riverfront. The vision put the community’s interests at the center of the process, and aligned their thoughts and ideas with expert analysis of the area’s physical, economic, and regulatory issues.



City of Middletown

Middletown, CT
Site Area
202 acres
Completion Date
  • Karp Strategies Economic Advisors / Engagement Specialists

  • Langan Civil / Transportation / Landscape