Campbell Gateway District

Campbell Gateway District


The Campbell Soup Company, which has called the City of Camden home since 1956, is the master redeveloper for the Gateway District. Cooper Robertson developed a Vision & Marketing Plan that highlights the potential of the District, portrays a vision for growth, and attracts entities that will share in the responsibility of constructing and maintaining a high-quality corporate environment that promotes a safe, healthy, and prosperous community.

Our plan creates an accessible and diverse sense of place defined by high quality sustainable architecture and landscape and guides implementable commercial development organized around new transit stations. We propose a cohesive network of public open spaces that include streets, plazas, parks, and a reinvented waterfront designed to offer a variety of public amenities that have already attracted Subaru’s to choose the District for their new headquarters.

Five percent of the district is susceptible to a 100-year flood, prompting development mindful of green infrastructure and flood-relief measures. Our plan thinks beyond required FEMA flood elevations in crafting the most appropriate steps for future building.



The Campbell Soup Company

Camden, New Jersey
Site Area
17 acres
Completion Date
  • McCormick Taylor Transportation

  • Langan Engineering & Environmental Services Civil Engineering

  • Jones Lang LaSalle Economics

  • PMB Studio, Inc. Renderer