We believe that every Cooper Robertson project must be:

An extension of place and public realm.

We learn from place and people and think beyond a project site to make connections with greater context—both physically and culturally.

Uniquely beautiful

The results must inspire and bring joy through form, operation, and/or performance. Every project we approach strives for innovation in every aspect within its constraints. To be uniquely beautiful it must be realized, memorable, and create lasting value.

Environmentally integrated

Driven by context, local conditions, and resources, we integrate strategic approaches to energy conservation, water management, and public health to create sustainable environments that perform well for generations.


Because climate change impacts are already upon us, we create smarter design to address particular threats and thoughtful systems that allow for fast recovery when a disaster occurs.


We create both economic and cultural value with a design process that bolsters community pride, enables new traditions, and elevates context. Our process is inclusive and collaborative; we believe that a richer plan emerges from a variety of vantage points.