Firms to deliver cohesive vision for Sacramento’s River District redevelopment
06 June 2023

The architectural firm, Cooper Robertson, will work in consultation with the landscape architect, Atlas Lab Inc., to produce a comprehensive vision for an area spanning 324 ha (800 acres) in the River District in Sacramento, California.

The primarily industrialized district, located next to downtown Sacramento, has some commercial, transportation, and residential establishments spilling over from downtown and other adjacent central city neighborhoods. One of them is an office development worth more than a 92,903 m2 (1 million sf), a residential development by the name of Township 9, and a new highway interchange being constructed for Interstate 5 (I-5). This led the River District’s Property and Business Improvement District (PBID), who represent the property owners of the area, to reach out to the firms to present a vision for the future of the development in the district.

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