The Mind Behind Billion-Dollar Megaprojects
Corina Stef
07 May 2020

Developable land has become scarce in most megacities, forcing developers to give more complicated locations a second look. Some firms see potential in post-industrial landscapes such as waterfronts, abandoned sites or rail yards, which are or can easily be well-connected to the city’s infrastructure. However, developing these sites requires careful planning, vision and thinking big. Despite this lengthy process, which includes years of waiting for approvals, large-scale mixed-use developments remain highly coveted because they provide a good diversification opportunity for developers.

Donald Clinton, AIA, MRAIC, LEED AP

Donald Clinton, a partner at architecture and urban design firm Cooper Robertson, has led master planning work for various megadevelopments including one of the most talked about Manhattan projects—Hudson Yards—as well as Riverton in New Jersey and the new M City in Canada. In an interview with Commercial Property Executive, Clinton reveals the concepts and workflow behind large projects and sustainable urban growth.

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