Miracle Mile Streetscape

Miracle Mile Streetscape


This streetscape project reimagines the Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue corridors as distinctive pedestrian-dominant environments with character unique to the City of Coral Gables. Cooper Robertson’s design strengthens the identity of Miracle Mile as Coral Gables’ premiere public place and creates an exceptional streetscape with world-class character composed of authentic and resilient materials.

The concept for the character of the streetscape is inspired by the South Florida skies and the historical development of Coral Gables’ built environment by George Merrick, developer and poet, and his uncle, Denman Fink, illustrator.

On Miracle Mile—the four-block length of Coral Way between LeJeune and Douglas Plazas—three staggered rows of trees soften the edges of the street to slow traffic flow. Changing the 45 degree parking to parallel enables the widening of sidewalks to accommodate dynamic street furniture and outdoor seating at restaurants and cafés. An emphasis on a sense of arrival at the plazas and the north-south circulation of pedestrians at crosswalks and paseos knits together the surrounding downtown streets.

Giralda Avenue is transformed into a curbless, pedestrian-dominant street that can be closed to vehicular traffic for special events. To give Giralda its own unique character, it is differentiated by concentric paving patterns inspired by raindrops. At the center of the block between Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Merrick Way, the design creates the focal point of an outdoor room, where palm trees, distinct paving, and suspended dashes of LED lights create a unique sensory experience.



City of Coral Gables

Coral Gables, Florida
Completion Date
Construction Cost
$20 million
  • Rodriquez and Quiroga Associate Architect

  • Local Office Landscape Architects Landscape Architect

  • Geomantic Designs Associate Landscape Architect

  • Fisher Marantz Stone Lighting Design

  • Two Twelve Harakawa Signage & Wayfinding

  • Coastal Systems International Civil Engineer

  • Atkins Cost Estimator

  • Walker Parking Parking

  • EMTec Corporation MEP Engineer