East Hampton Cottage

East Hampton Cottage


This shingled ‘cottage,’ intended initially for summer living, has recently been amended to better accommodate year-round use and to incorporate new landscaping and interior decoration. The challenge was to make desired changes without compromising the architectural integrity of the original house.

The design blends modernist and traditional space-making ideas with the needs of contemporary living. A number of East End siting conventions were transformed while many local architectural devices were employed. The normal front / back relationship of the house to the street is reversed, with informal, back-of-the-house spaces facing the entry street. Fenced car courts, placed on two corners of the lot, replace the usual driveway and keep all vehicles and service activity out of sight from the inner lawn and garden areas.



Private Client

East Hampton, New York
Site Area
5,000 square feet
Completion Date
1996, 2003

Blue Sky Design Structural Engineering

Tod Rader + Amy Crews Landscape Architecture