The Farmville Herald: Longwood University Buys Property for Baseball Diamond
Jordan Miles
05 December 2016

Following our recommendations in the Longwood University Master Plan to relocate the baseball and softball stadiums to downtown Farmville, the Longwood University Real Estate Foundation has purchased 5.5 acres in downtown Farmville for $6.8 million, as reported by The Farmville Herald:

“A baseball diamond in downtown Farmville is one of the central highlights of Longwood University’s new conceptual master plan. The Longwood Board of Visitors — the university’s governing body — has taken procedural steps to endorse the plan.

‘The ideas about connecting the campus with downtown, and improving walkability and traffic flow — those are really conversation starters,’ said Justin Pope, the chief of staff to Longwood President W. Taylor Reveley IV, in a previous interview. ‘Obviously those are things for Longwood and the town to think through together, as we already do. But we had these world-class urban planners [Cooper Robertson] at our disposal, and we told them: ‘Come up with some really creative ideas that would be worth considering with the community. Help us think big about what would really make this place even better.’”

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