Space race: how the pandemic is pushing museums to rethink design
Nancy Kenney
07 October 2020

Experts predict bigger galleries, a stronger connection to the outdoors and an end to the expansion juggernaut

As US art institutions consider how they welcome visitors and guard their health in a vastly changed environment, the coronavirus pandemic is spurring a deeper rethinking of future museum design.

After a nationwide shutdown in March, many museums have gingerly reopened with stringent social distancing rules that profoundly affect the flow of people through entrances and galleries. With visitors often limited to 25% of usual capacity and no clear timeline for a Covid-19 vaccine, museums are opening a conversation about longer-term changes to their buildings. Some ideas have sprung from stopgap safety measures adopted since reopening, while others were germinating even before the pandemic.

Bruce Davis, David Adjaye and other experts weighs in on what’s next for museums. Continue reading on The Art Newspaper.